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How to manage DNS in SolusVM VPS control panel

First change the DNS servers for all the domains you intend to add in SolusVM VPS control panel to:
Setting up a new Zone in SolusVM's User Control Panel
Click "DNS"
In field "Add New Domain" enter domain name without www etc. If your domain is enter and click add.
NS records are entered automatically.
A & AAAA Records
You need to create 2 A records at minimum. One for your domain and one for FTP.
Enter your domain name with a period at the end. IE in the domain field. In the IP address field enter your VPS IP address. Leave TTL at default unless you know what you're doing. Click Add.
Repeat process except this time just put ftp with no trailing period, enter your VPS IP address, and click add.
If your VPS has a IPv6 address repeat the process above except use your IPv6 address assigned to your VPS.
MX Records
Enter mail for domain leave preference at zero enter your domain name for mail server without a trailing period, leave TTL at default and click add.
CNAME Records
Create a CNAME for www and mail just enter www for the domain, your domain name without a tailing period for the alias, leave TTL at default and click add. Repeat for mail.
TXT & SRV Records are for advanced functions such as DKIM or SPF records and fall into an advanced category. Please research what needs to be put in these records or you will find that your server can not send emails.
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